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Ultrasonic Bark Control — Stop Dog Barking Instantly

Ultrasonic Bark Control — Stop Dog Barking Instantly

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    • Product Name: Ultrasonic Bark Control — Stop Dog Barking Instantly
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    • Creation Time: 2022-09-16

    Make Dogs Stop Barking And Curb Aggressive Behavior With One Simple Device

    Instantly Train Dogs to Behave, Cats Not to Scratch Furniture, and More

    • Avoid spending thousands on expensive pet trainers that don’t work
    • So easy to use, a child can do it
    • Cruelty-free and certified humane by veterinarians
    • Works on 93% of cats and a full 96% of dogs

    No Shock Technology

    Our humane training technique uses an age-old principle that teaches dogs to associate their barking with the irritating frequencies. Unlike shock collars that are painful and can be used only on one dog, the Anti-Barking Device can be used virtually anywhere without you having to ask permission from your neighbors. This device trains dogs to stop nuisance barking (boredom and attention-getting barking) but is designed to have no effect on instinctual or protective barking!

    Ultrasonic Bark Control Device | Anti-Barking Instant Stop | Dog Silencer

    Is your dog’s bad behavior out of hand? Tried everything to train them and getting no results?

    It’s time you try Anti-Barking device, the fast and effective way to train your dog. it uses harmless ultrasonic sound to grab your dog’s attention and calm them down quickly. Whether your dog is barking, jumping, chewing, or digging, Our barking device puts a stop to problem behaviors, fast.

    Ultrasonic Bark Control Device | Anti-Barking Instant Stop | Dog Silencer

    Our Bark Control device is perfect for training your dog or puppy to behave whether its to stop barking or other bad habits. Ultrasonic bark correction is often the best bark control solution for many dogs. However, it will not work for all dogs because of factors like age, hearing ability, and temperament.

    Ultrasonic Bark Control Device | Anti-Barking Instant Stop | Dog Silencer

    It’s also effective at deterring other destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture and jumping on guests. You control the handheld remote so can incorporate it as a tool into your training routine. It works remotely up to a whopping 50 feet away.

    ✔️ Doubles As A Protection Medium Against Wild Strays

    Aside from its behavioral training functionalities, the Ultrasonic Dog Bark Training Device also doubles as a form of protection against aggressive strays you encounter outdoors.  It supports 2 intensity levels with each of them serving a different purpose. Its Training Mode is centered towards promoting good behavior in your pets, and a Chaser Mode which serves as a protective medium against aggression from foreign, wild, and aggressive strays. Whether you go out for a jog or walk your dog in the park, this amazing device lets you keep unfriendly dogs away in an instant. This training device works at up to an approximate distance of 6 feet away (effective up to approx. 20 feet).

    Easy to Use

    Simply point Willhappys towards your dog and press “On” to stop unwanted behaviors instantly


    Willhappys comes with 2 strength settings: Setting I for training your pet, and Setting II for deterring aggressive dogs

    Convenient Size

    Willhappys fits it your pocket, so you can take it with you wherever you go

    Lights for Extra Effect

    Willhappys’s ultrasonic technology is harmless to dogs, humans, and all animals

    100% Safe and Humane

    Dual LEDs and red laser pointer help calm even the most stubborn dogs

    Ultrasonic Bark Control Device | Anti-Barking Instant Stop | Dog Silencer

    Use the ultrasonic function to deter your dog from unwanted behaviors like barking or causing damage to your home. Let’s not depend on the pet owners to be responsible for their pets.

    Ultrasonic Bark Control Device | Anti-Barking Instant Stop | Dog Silencer

    Anti-Barking isn’t just for training…

    If you have strange dogs in your neighborhood and want extra peace of mind, Anti-Barking helps deter aggressive animals from getting close.

    Outstanding Value For Dog Owners

    Training your dog the old-fashioned way can be frustrating and time consuming. And hiring someone else to do it quickly gets expensive.

    Obedience schools cost up to $600 per week, while “boot camp” training can go as high as £1086 weekly.

    Why not save yourself the frustration and expense?


    1 Ultrasonic Dog Device (requires one 9 volt battery which is not included)

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