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No Tangle LED Double Dog Leash

No Tangle LED Double Dog Leash

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    The No Tangle LED Double Dog Leash is strong & reliable for everyday use. Can accommodate two dogs that can move freely with easy control over & enjoy every walk without a disaster.

    Dual Doggy Retractable Leash - Shop OnlyDogz | Retractable leash, Doggy, Dog collars & leashes

    ✔️ Retractable
    ✔️ For small-medium dogs
    ✔️ Fine quality
    ✔️ Easy to control
    ✔️ Eye-catching colors
    ✔️ Anti-slip handle
    ✔️ Strong and durable

    Maintain safe control over both dogs with the No Tangle LED Double Dog Leash!

    A reliable leash for your pet that you could use for everyday walking activities to improve your dog's cardiovascular fitness, blood pressure, muscles, and bones.

    It can hold two dogs simultaneously with an extra-strong nylon cable that doesn't easily snap, so you can smoothly retract and release at any angle without tangling. You have control over it by clicking the pause and lock to protect the safety of your pets.

    Get the No Tangle LED Double Dog Leash so you can have free control over your dog's activity outside.

    Two Dogs Retractable Leash With LightFEATURE(S):

    • CONTROL SWITCH - The control switch allows you to adjust the length of the leash with break and lock features. It has two colors, the same color as the leash, so you could quickly identify which dog you controlled.
    • DUAL LEASH - It has a double reflective leash that shines bright at night, gives you maximum visibility, and allows you to walk two dogs simultaneously.
    • MINI STORAGE - The mini storage where you can put the rolled poop bags for easy access so you can have the full attention of your dogs.
    • ROTATABLE LEASH HOLDER - The rotatable leash holder can rotate to 360­­°, and the anti-twist design smoothly releases and retracts at any angle without a twist or knot.

    • FLASHLIGHT - The built-in LED flashlight is your light source for evening walks and can be used as a signal light during an emergency.


    • Material: Nylon
    • Dimension: 13x22cm/5.12x8.66"
    • Cord Length: 3 Meters


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No Tangle LED Double Dog Leash
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